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they use salt on the roads there? I trailered my bike through some salty slushy crap a year ago and I'm finding rust and cororsion all over the place, can't imagine what riding in it on a regular basis would do to the bike....although i've always been interested in ice racing with studded tires....
Yeah, there is salt on the roads from time to time. Can't say I've had a lot of rust on the bike after a season of winter riding. The signal horn and the Exhaust manifold are the two spots where rust build up over time. I use WD40 to prevent the levers and springs from freezing and bolts from corrosion. Other than that I treat the bike like during summer. I have it out doors around the clock. Maybe the chain needs a bit more attention and the brake calipers a good cleaning when spring arrives. Just use warm gear and have a laugh馃榿
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