For sale $180 obo + shipping. (USA)
Luimoto seat cover in vintage brown, installed WITH/ON an oem seat, +tank leafs.
New, just the "cover" itself is $210, and the leafs are $90, but I am throwing in the like new oem seat underneath and saving you the install hassle (need a pneumatic stapler and lots of elbow grease).
If you are one of those with a sensitive bum, the cover does add a bit more cushion, for comfort.
The seat pictured does have some minor creasing from the seat cowl that was on i (Yes it fits with oem cowl), but those might dissappear as it rests (picture was 5 mins after removal). Or the passenger strap, not used but included, would hide as well.
Tank leafs included if you want them, little rough on the back side and will need new adhesive, but the leather side is fine.
Nice product, but selling because I am doing color/graphics change on the bike, and this won't go with the new design I'm making.