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Hello everybody,

english is not my native language

Short story about me:
I’m writing this topic because I couldn’t find much information about the PowerCore software or the Power vision 3 in combination with the FZ09/MT09, I have done some theoretical and pratical research with my motorcycle. So I would like to explain and give people an idea of how the software works. Note: I’m not a professional, just a young motorcycle enthusiast, that is trying to spread some knowledge.
If I look online, most of the people are sending their ecu out to the flasher. Where I live, the costs of an flash are almost the same as an Dynojet Power Vision 3. So I can always adjust the settings as I Iike them.
I bought the PowerVision 3 with little knowledge about tuning. In the past I had power commanders which I let the tuner adjust on the dyno, so that was my only knowledge about ‘tuning’. With the flash there are a lot more interesting options.

A Few months ago I bought an Yamaha mt09 2019. It was completely stock. I adjusted a lot of things. One of those things were and Arrow exhaust and an Sprint airfilter.
The bike was not flashed and didn’t had any form of fuel adjustments. So It ran way to lean.
I decided to buy the PowerVision so I could flash the bike myself. There are some generals topics on the Dynojet forum about this, but none specific related to the Yamaha ECU.
In this topic I discuss some features of the Powercore software and the power vision 3.

First time connecting
First of all, you will need to connect (‘marry’) your PV3 to the ecu. After that you can adjust all kinds of settings. I’m won’t discuss the standard connection procedure because those are already in the instruction manual from dynojet.

Once you download the Powercore software on your laptop, you can open the C3 tuning software. There are some different flashes that are compatible with your MT09.

If you select the ‘receive’ bottom on the right. You can select your desired tune.
I will select my stock map. Your layout should look like this:
Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Technology

In the Explorer are some different directories.

Speed limit
I will start with the speed limit folder.
As you can see here there are few settings to adjust.
Fuel cut actually means the rev limiter. If you raise the limit, it will rev higher. In a lot of tunes, the rev limiter is raised by +300. From people’s experience, this wouldn’t demolish your engine. But I wouldn’t raise it more then 300.

Product Computer Font Screenshot Software

If we go to the top speed, you see that the limit is at 130,49 mph per hour. This speed is achievable in the 5 gear below the rev limiter. You can raise it if you would like to delete the top speed limiter. Note: I would suggest you to upgrade your suspension or at least have steering damper, without the upgrades it wil be seriously unstable at higher speed.
Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Computer

Ignition settings
Next up, we are going to the Spark settings. In this folder are a lot of tables. It will look like this:
Computer Personal computer Font Gadget Software

If have installed a tune where the ignition timing is a bit adjusted.
In the image below, I made an comparison between the stock values and the other map. (this is one of the nice features from dynojet). The tables show the difference in values.
If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t random adjust the timing degrees. It is possible that you will kill your engine.
Font Rectangle Screenshot Software Electronic device

Ais valve
When we go further to the ‘system switches’, you can see the AIS valve option.
IF you disable this, the AIS won’t work. I deleted the AIS and installed block off plates. When you disable the AIS, you can unplug your ais.
Also if you are measuring your AFR with an internal of external lambda, you should block off your AIS. I only disabled the software in the ecu, but my exhausts still popped because of leaky valves.
After the installed block off plates, the popping was gone.
Rectangle Font Operating system Software Screenshot

Drive by wire
These are the throttle modes. A / B / STD.
The bike is really famous for it’s jerky throttle in A mode. With the altered DBW settings, the bike is much more controlled in A mode. With the provided flash by Dynojet also STD was a lot more smooth.
Computer Screenshot Font Display device Multimedia

My mechanic gave me the tip to equal the values from the physical twist grip with the values from the software. I have not tried it but the idea doesn’t seem that bad.
Theoretically if you twist the throttle with your right hand 5%, the software will also change 5%. I will post an update about this, but it’s freezing right now ☹.
The map will look like this:
Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel

Note: every gear has it’s own map, gear map 01, 02 etc… So you will have the adjust it for all the maps.

Adaptive learning folder
Now the bit more complicated things. The adaptive learning folder.
Font Rectangle Circle Number Screenshot

There are a few different options here.
The motorcycle operates with advanced math calculations between different tables.
There are a lot different tables that are responsible for de AFR.
You have the typically open loop & closed loop modes.
Yamaha calls the closed loop mode ‘Adaptive learning’. And I will make adjustments to the bike with the biasing of 2 tables:
  • Adaptive learning enabled Alpha N
  • Adaptive learning Enabled Speed Density

Adaptive learning Alpha N
Colorfulness Font Rectangle Computer Screenshot

The value’s ‘1’, are the values where the alpha n table is active. This table stands for the engine speed and throttle position.
The closed loop does not only use the Alpha N table, but also the speed density table.
This table measure the internal and external airpressure.

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The closed loop does not only use the Alpha N table, but also the speed density table.
This table measure the internal and external airpressure.

So there are 2 different measurements used for only the closed loop mode? How does this work?
The answer is: biasing.
Font Audio equipment Rectangle Screenshot Technology

There is an formula to biase the two tables.
If you look at the table note, you will see that slow or fast throttle positions will influence the biasing. If you are accelerating very fast, the closed loop mode won’t react fast enough so it will switch to open loop mode.
Font Rectangle Screenshot Software Electronic device

To disable the closed loop mode: you will have to turn off the ‘adaptive learning alpha n’ & ‘adaptive learning speed density’. So all the ‘1’s need to be ‘0’’s. Then the bike will always be in open loop mode.
There are a few discussions about this, should you do it or not. The closed loop mode reduced my hp, it caused a dip in performance, and it runned to lean. So I disabled it. Some disagree with me, some agree.

Open loop

The open loop mode will get it’s data out of the Alpha N factor cylinder 1/2/3 table within the Airflow folder. (see below)
Each cylinder has it’s own table.
Colorfulness Font Slope Screenshot Line

So how do we adjust the AFR?

There are a few different routes to adjust your AFR.
  • You can directly adjust your tables. To do this you should have a dynamometer with an external / internal o2 wideband sensor so you can measure the AFR. (make sure to have the ais disabled, otherwise you will get less precise AF values.
  • Purchase the wideband sensor kit. Install it and log files with the PV3. If you log enough files. You can manually adjust the settings and log again.
  • Tunelab
  • Import PC5 file

I’m completely new with tunelab. I just ordered the wideband sensor so I’m very curious how it will work out.
This is the part where you can let the software make calculations so It can adjust the AFR with the logged data. How does this work?
To have this work, you will need an wibeband o2 sensor so you can log data with the power vision 3. Or you need to have dynolog inserted.
Here is a video about how tunelab works.

In this table you can enter your own desired AFR target values:
Colorfulness Line Screenshot Font Software

These are my desired values…
The next thing you do, you go to tunelab:
Font Rectangle Screenshot Electronic device Technology

Then you need to load an expression, it is a python script with a lot of coding. they are specific for different models. If you mail dynojet support, they will send you the right script for your make.
Load the script and it should look like this:
Computer Product Font Operating system Screenshot

After you have loaded the script, you must read it very carefully. Make the right adjustments for your bike.

Click on ‘perform correction’ and this screen should pop up:
Font Screenshot Software Multimedia Electronic device

It will tell you the enter runfiles. After the files loaded, it will calculate what alpha n adjustments needs to be maked to alter de AF to your desired values (these are the values you made in the tunelab table).
Flash the ecu, log again and look for the outcome.

Import pc map.

It is also possible to import an PC map in the
tune. You will need to go to ‘import pcv map’.
Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Operating system

I downloaded a random stock map, just so I can show how to insert it in de tune.

when you select the pc5 values. Make sure you set it up like the picture below:
make sure you empty the ‘adjust AFR’ icon on the right with the small red cross) and press OK.
Font Rectangle Screenshot Software Technology

Product Font Screenshot Line Software

Now you have adjusted your open loop tables with a pc5 file.

This are some of the highlights about the powercore software in combination with the powervision 3.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Also if you have good recommendations or tuning experience, feel free to post it 😊
I hope this made things a bit more clear

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It's way more ambitious than I am. Still, it's good to see people diving into motorcycle related technical stuff and get proficient at it. I'm on other forums occasionally and there are people that can't figure out that their battery is dead.

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@hoihoi55............English may not be your native language, but you speak/write better than many whose native language IS English. Very well written piece and thank you for the contribution.
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