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Sadly for some the season is slowly getting closer to the time where our precious machines get tucked away for a well deserved rest, and we can only endure the slow boring and cold winter days and await springtimer to come again.

During this time the motorcyclist is at risk of a special for of cabin fever with the following strange symptoms.

Excessive staring out the windows
*Causing wear out windows from staring to much
*Causing coffee to get cold and beer to get warm
*Causing extra lumps on the head from wife hitting you to get you to focus on a conversation
*Risk of binge watching youtube for motorcycle content
*Risk of wife signing you into a gym to loose weight

Couch potatoism.
*Risk of nagging from the wife to do stuff around the house
*Risk of reading a book
*Risk of watching reality shows or romance movies with the wife
*Risk of re watching the ending of Game Of Thrones
*Risk of wife signing you into a gym to loose weight

Getting in an extra poor diet spiral from take away after work.
*Risk of wife gaining a few pounds and tempted to go vegan
*Risk of motorcycle gear not fitting next springtime
*Risk being fed vegetables from wife on a new diet
*Excessive revving of the toilet
*Risk of wife signing you into a gym to loose weight

Starting do more stuff with the wife.
*Risk of going shopping with wife
*Risk of going to wellness resorts with wife
*Excessive leg strain from going on walks with wife
*Brain fog from going to museum with wife
*Risk of wife signing you into a gym to loose weight

These are a few of the symptoms with some of the following risks the motorcyclist is exposed to during none riding season.
So to reduce such dangers during winter, the cunning motorcyclist starts the do the holy ritual of winter projects.

This thread will be to show or tell about your winter projects, you can also put up the bucket list for the current projects and update them as time goes.
So let us share our project list to prevent the risks of the winter motorcyclist cabin fever.

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Here is the start of my list for this winter (for now)

For my bike
Bracket for rear brake reservoir to remove rear footrest
Brighter and better looking indicators
Complete detailing of my bike
Replace common bolts that rust with titanium (just because)
ACF 40 coating around the bike to prevent rust
Order soft saddle bags bracket kit
Install USB charger
Install ram mount ball
Order extra panels where saddle bag require modding (for when they are not mounted)
Maybe order longer lasting tires
look into replacing bars or raising bars
New riding boots (not sure what i want yet)
Find a proper radiator guard
Look into options for seat during longer rides

Off bike stuff
Get into better shape (want to be sure my gear fits next spring :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: )
Design or get inspiration for some furnature
Build new furnature for living room
Learn to edit videos
Learn about photography for when riding to places
Renovate bed room
Throw out old unused stuff
Make a list for new pc build

Think this is a good place to start to avoid the dangers of none riding season.

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That's one ambitious list from my shoes haha! Maybe I'm just too damn lazy these days. Here in the Kansas City area if you're willing to brave the cold you can ride pretty much year round. The ice/snow is short lived, but those sub 10* mornings hurt.

Regardless, my winter project lists typically consist of new netflix shows and not mowing. I do want to paint some bedrooms though... Maybe that'll happen.

New PC build sounds like a good time. Mine's about 8.5 years old at this point but still does what I need it to.

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Sadly for some the season is slowly getting closer to the time where our precious machines get tucked away for a well deserved rest, and we can only endure the slow boring and cold winter days and await springtimer to come again.
You shut your whore mouth! There is a lot of riding time yet!! 馃ぃ

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No one ever said you have to complete everything on the list 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
This is one of them list where some stuff will not get done, like back in the days of wanting to set the clock on the VCR. 馃槒馃槒

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here is the first pic of a spontaneous winter project/bet.

A friend of mine came by with a bet where we see who can pick 3 new lock the fastest at new years.

A bottle of cheap toll free vodka is on the line. (looser pays for the bottle at spring time)

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Bike is now where it is gonna take a "short" nap
Only things to do is a final wash and ACF 50 treatment (gonna wait until spring time with doing a polish and wax)
Finally putting a tender and cover on the bike

Things i have now done on my list
Removed rear pegs and got a bracket for brake reservoir
Installed a ram mount ball
New battery tender

First off bike symptoms might already be showing.
excess reeving of the toilet......or i made some bad ghost chili tacos.

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Interesting observation. Last winter I stored my bike fully charged and removed charger. Measuring voltage weekly showed a consistent 0.05 volt drop each time. By spring, it was still charged enough for a startup, but I topped it off first. Per battery manufacturers websites, the only thing that hurts the battery is cranking at minimum voltage.

It seems battery tenders are still another snake oil sales pitch.

I ran the same experiment back to back on my classic roadster and got exactly the same drop over time. Storage was November 1 - April 1. Voltage from 12.5 volts full charge was still more than 12.0 volts by spring. The only exception I can see is if it鈥檚 an old battery giving up the ghost, in which case, it鈥檚 probably already history.

Top off battery, remove charger, cover and store through winter. Easy peasy. I do have a Battery Tender Jr., but was investigating if I needed to buy another for the car. No need for either one.

Do your own research on this. You may decide, as I did, that trickle charging really isn鈥檛 necessary.

I also don鈥檛 use gas treatment during storage. I just put them up with a full tank to prevent water condensation. They start and run just as good in spring as they do all summer long.

Note: This applies to Wisconsin winters.

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nice to know :)
one of the reasons i added the tender is because of the immobilizer.

last winter when i had my EFI klx 250 i left it for 4 months with it sitting at about 70-80% charge at spring and starting easy.

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No putting away anything over the winter for me! Weather in NC is okay-ish enough to keep riding around these parts.

Some cool projects though. :)
I wish that could be said for where I live! Maybe I will have to trailer someplace warmer for a short winter get away to ride!

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Exhaust sound
Little clip of the installed exhaust. Should have taken pictures while completing the project, but I'm not very good a remembering to take pictures. I'll get some better photos next week when I was the bike
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