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So who is it I keep seeing on my ride home from work? Sport bikes are not very common in my neck of the woods, so I was quite surprised to not only see a sport bike, but to see a fluorescent MT09.

The first time I passed it, I was greeted with a wheelie. Not only did I see an MT09, but I keep seeing it. So the rider must not be too far from me. I live in a small (very small) town, and I have seen the bike gassing up at one of the only two stations we have.

Well, yesterday, I saw the same bike again, but this time a few minutes later, I saw an identical bike with a different rider on it. SO THERE ARE TWO MT09s IN MY AREA.

Anyway, just found it interesting.

To whoever you are, ✌

*hopefully this doesn't come across sounding like a personal ad. 😂
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