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We live in a world where some people are dishonest and will gladly steal your money and/or items.
There are some common tactics scammers use to separate you from your money.

The following are some notes and best practices:
1. Never send money using "Friends and Family" through PayPal. (That fee you're paying covers you in the cases of scams.)
2. Be suspicious of random accounts messaging you.
3. Message sellers directly through the forum using the "Conversation" feature.
4. Never send money through wires/western union... etc.
5. If accepting payment and shipping your item(s), take several photos of your packaging including the item and the actual shipping label. Keep shipping receipts.
6. Help the forum community know who's a good buyer/seller by using the rating system located in their profile.

I would highly recommend using payment methods that help protect you.

Lastly, use common sense and err on the side of caution before any transaction.

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