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Hello everyone,

I will be slowly purchasing parts for the bike over the next few months so I can install them all at once when I get home from my deployment. I was wandering if I could get a few opinions and general info as it's been a while since I've been on the forums.

First I was wandering about the rear Penske Shock. I'll be primarily riding the bike on the street and in the mountains (hoping to go to Europe for next duty station next fall) and maybe a little track riding. With all this in mind, would it even be worth it to buy the triple clicker? Or should I just go ahead and save some money (and make the wife happy) and get the double clicker?

Second, does the ECU flash from 2WheelDynoWorks eliminate the speed limiter? If not, is there a flash service that does and isn't ridiculously priced?

I don't have any sort of lift (will be buying stands though) so how hard will it be to swap the rear shock? Anyone have any advice they can share to make it easier? Or should I just take it to a shop to get it swapped? Is the GP suspensions fork upgrade the only one available? Can anyone recommend any specific brand of blinkers to replace the stock front ones? I would like flush mounts but wouldn't mind the smaller stalk LEDs too much as they would be easier to see. What are the preferred handlebar upgrades? Advantages and disadvantages of each? Thanks for the help guys.

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