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Trial of Temptation is Over!

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Through much resistance of very loud and convincing squid temptations, I have successfully completed a responsible 1000 mile break-in of my new MT09. LET THE FUN BEGIN!


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By "responsible" break in I mean

On the way home from the dealer (20 miles) I gently and momentarily got the RPMS to almost redline in all 6 gears. When I got home I changed the oil. The filter was full of shavings.
20 to 199 miles rode as suggested in the manual.
At 200 miles I gently and momentarily got to red line in each gear and changed the oil again. Rest of the miles I rode as suggested.

I honestly don't know if it matters. It's just what makes me feel good inside and it gave me some time to get to know the bike.
All I really know is that it's It's a totally awesome motorcycle. It is the perfect bike for me. I love twisty roads and acceleration. It's great in the city and rips on back country roads.

Ride safeish everyone!
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Same for me, really. Perfect application for what I wanna do. For a while I thought about going to the track with it, but they're not really designed for that. If I'm gonna do that, I'll get a 600cc supersport (you'll never catch me on a litre bike, I have no desire to go that fast) and do it properly... But for ripping around town and the canyons on the other side of the Cascades, I can't imagine a better machine.
Hell Ya!
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1 - 4 of 23 Posts