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Trial of Temptation is Over!

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Through much resistance of very loud and convincing squid temptations, I have successfully completed a responsible 1000 mile break-in of my new MT09. LET THE FUN BEGIN!


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Good on you for the patience, I fall more in line with Doug.

On my MT, 250ish miles to first oil change with lots of mountains and varying loads. Hitting the limiter at 400 miles and always in D1 mode. IMO, it’s the clutch and the gears that need to seat/bed.

Old-time engine builders used the three hot & cold cycles with varying loads, then max load. It was always the ring&pinion and transmission that needed a kinder break in.

I understand warranty concerns and the electronic eye that keeps memories but as Tommy boy said, I can take a dump in a box and give you a warranted/guaranteed piece of shit.

Its a great bike, hope you have many, many miles of good times.
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Shiny has a good point on the nikasil bores.

And while I certainly don’t know more than the Yamaha engineer who designed the engine, I know a good deal more than them when it comes to how I earn my money and how I choose to spend it. Not to mention how I’m spending my time with my bike. When you only have 10 good years left, time is of the essence.

Its not my concern on how you break in your bike, it’s your 10k and your bike. It’s just, like, my and your opinion man. Ain’t a smidgen of engineering going on in forums.

And again, Its a great bike, hope you have many, many miles of good times
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Here’s a pic of the yammie lawyer who laid out the warranty program and told the engineers to neuter 2nd gear.

I know it can accelerate harder but if a 16 year old loops it on the way out of the dealer with the lift control on we might have trouble.…

Most mechanical engineers don’t get paid to write legal contracts.

Suum cuique.
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