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We got to spend a week with an FZ09, and dialed in the Penske to our liking. We tried several valving setups, lots of time on the dyno, and rode the dang thing. We ended up with a valving spec that really soaks up the bumps, while remaining firm and in control. (btw, the FZ1 is one of our most popular applications, and we had one in house for years, so the FZ09 is right up our alley).

Penske shocks ordered from us will come with our valving specs for better compliance, and we will choose a spring rate to match. And we manufacture a bracket for a cleaner resi mounting setup, which also negates the need for the swivel banjo bolts (ie $50 cheaper).

Retail pricing is $650 for the 8900, (preload rebound and ride height) $925 for the 8983 (remote reservoir, preload rebound and compression damping, and ride height) and $1225 for the 8987 (remote resi, preload, rebound, high and low speed compression, and ride height)

We can't advertise it, but we have special pricing for FZ09 forum members.

email me at [email protected] or give us a call at the shop. no pms please.

I've attached a pic of our resi setup.


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