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Translogic Quickshifter & Blip Assist

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Thought I'd start a new thread on this. I bought both items directly from Translogic for my 2016 XSR900. Super fast UPS shipping to the US from UK, I was impressed.
On to the install I had to call Translogic for help as a couple of things weren't 100% clear to me from the instructions. So here are my "learnings":
1. The DCS sensor can fit either way round on the shift rod. I chose the way where the wire wasn't looping back on itself.
2. It doesn't matter which set of connectors go to which coil as long as you keep the wire pairings together
3. The black/red wire to the OEM coil plug carries 12 volts so Translogic confirmed that I did not have to swap wires around in the connectors (as was mentioned in an older post about installing the QS)
4. I connected the Blip Assist to the AUX 12v DC connection (under the right side frame cover) rather than connecting to the front brake switch. I wanted the blip to happen whether I had the brake on or not. TL confirmed this was OK.
5. The Pit Lane Warm Up button is optional (I didn't fit it)

I took it out for a test ride last weekend with the stock settings and it all worked. I did think the shift force needed to be decreased so I reduced that. Also the interrupt needed some tweaking as I felt the bike was dipping too much between shifts. Again the instructions were not clear to me on the difference between what the two interrupt channels do so I emailed Translogic. The response was to start by adjusting Channel 1 first until you get everything close to the way you like it, then make finer adjustments with Channel 2. I'll be doing that soon so I can report back further.

Overall I am very happy with the setup and definitely worth the price just for the fun factor!
Hope this helps if you are thinking about going this route
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Another update: I got the QS sorted the way I like it now but was struggling a bit with the Blip Assist. It was surging a bit on the downshift so I tried Pro-Tuner Mode following the instructions. Compared to the neat little adjusters on the QS I have to say this is like voodoo magic but once you get the hang of it it makes sense. Again the instructions were confusing but I got a swift reply from Translogic (in red) so I'm pasting it here in case it helps:
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