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The review that I posted on Revzilla.

I wanted to find a pair of boots to replace my Thor 50/50 boots. One of my favorite all-time boots had been discontinued for some time, and my current pair was showing its age, so after seeing the Blitz LS boot, I was excited to have a pair of comparable boots. I ride street mostly, but I also take dual-sport adventure trips. The 50/50 is my favorite boot for daily street duty, and I have a closet full of street/sport boots, from race to mid-size.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Blitz LS boot was that it was a stiffer construction, especially the toe area. The sole is thicker than the 50/50 as well. For some, this may not matter, but on the street, it makes it harder to move around on the pegs. I ride mostly on the balls of my feet and have to slide my foot down to shift, and the rare times that I use or cover the back brake. This brings up another issue, the new soles are serrated and grab the foot peg, and lifting my feet off the pegs to move is not an option for me. Also, the buckles are nowhere near the design quality of the 50/50 latching system.

I was at a crossroad with the boots. I know that they will become more flexible with time, but I had to decide whether I was going to keep them and take my die grinder to the soles. So, I did the logical thing and took my grinder to the soles to round-off the sharp edges. I still plan on dragging my feet for a few hundred yards on a nice smooth section of pavement to level out the soles some more.

I can now manage to move my feet on the pegs to reach the shifter and return to my attack position. I am not worried about wearing out the soles because I don’t walk long distances in my boots. I carry slip-on shoes if I know that I am going to be walking any real distance. My point of this review was to offer information to people that previously owned the 50/50 boots.

The construction is better, more like a true motocross boot, so longevity is not going to be an issue. Overall, with a bit of tweaking, I am satisfied with my purchase. My wife also wears the 50/50 boot to ride her FZ-09, but she returned the Blitz LS because they were so stiff she did not feel confident with the feel of the shifter.


* I ground them even more after I took the picture

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