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Since getting the new '22 XSR900 a couple of weeks ago, I've been looking for a fender eliminator that struck my fancy. Accessories for the '22 are still not plentiful, and I did not want some universal part that may or may not fit well.

I found the custom piece from Brogue Motorcycles ("custom" in that they make it in their shop) but it is about the most expensive on out there. I finally bit the bullet and when for the part that is made for this bike specifically.

Brogue's piece comes in 5 options and fortunately for me, I actually like the stock blinkers so I opted for their least expensive option 1 (still $196 bucks). The piece is CNC stainless powder coated with a small LED plate light. Not quite as easy as their install video makes it look. The most difficult for me was getting the stock blinkers in, but definitely worth the effort.

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