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Got my reflash today from Vcyclenut. Quick turnaround, and great service. sent it off and got it back in 4 days. I went with the custom flash. Its flashed with his new software, and the top speed limiter removed.

Before- My bike was running was like a tractor. I recently installed an M4 slip on exhaust. bike has not been running right since then... weird idle, had a dead spot around 4-6000rpms in certain gears. and the throttle problems have always bothered me. Mainly kept it in b-mode due to the tight bumpy roads around here.

After- Bike is running amazing. The throttle problems are pretty much all gone. Had him tune if so i can run the M4 exhaust without the baffle (sorry neighbors). Was rippping around town in A-mode pulling the front wheel up with ease, and confidence. I love having most of the engine breaking removed. I feels so much smoother.
A-mode=Supercharged smooth holy sh****t throttle. But finally rideable on tighter twisties, and bumpy roads.
STD mode= Super Smooth but not as aggressive as A-mode.
B-mode= Relaxed throttle, less power, great around town.

Overall an amazing product, and really brings the performance and potential this bike has always had.
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