Up for sale is my massive SW Motech speedpack bag.

Condition is not "like new" but probably in the realm of "great." No damage to the bag at all, but it has been on ~8000 touring miles with me. Additionally I have modified it slightly by adding a couple of bottle brackets on the back of the bag. It's really handy for carrying a couple bottles of extra fuel (that saved me about 4 times on my tours so far), or spice it up and carry a bottle of booze (please check your state laws lol).

Why I'm selling? Changing up my setup to a fixed hard luggage system. I've discovered that I'm not so much a fan of soft/semi rigid bag setups. Plus I think after not touring for almost a decade and then just picking it up again, I completely forgotten how much I disliked the mildly claustrophobic feeling of having a giant bag behind me. I'd much prefer a side bag setup and maybe a top mount at some point.

This thing is massive so shipping might be pricey hence the bigger price cut. I might be willing to deliver within a "reasonable" distance in exchange for a couch to sleep on for a night lol. Reasonable being completely dependent on how far/time of year/which direction.

Let me know your zip code for a shipping quote.