SW Motech Ion Two tank bag in near new condition. I only ever used this on commuting trips, and a short tour to Austin. It saw about 2000 miles of use and was not a part of my long distance tour abuse lol. Used the waterproof cover once for a slight drizzle, nothing got wet.

My thoughts on it, worked great and I didn't have to worry about it scratching the tank at all. It looks like it protrudes towards the seat a bit in the pics but it doesn't even touch my body when I'm riding (and I have a tiny beer belly). When expanded and packed full it can touch a bit, but I've only ever done that on one or two grocery runs. The only thing I wish is that it has more organization on the inside. It's just a big volume with some tiny side mesh pockets that are rarely useful for me.

Why I'm selling? Moving towards a different tour setup. I prefer the organization of my Mosko Moto tankbag and I've come to realize that I don't particularly care about getting my tank scuffed up here and there because of a tankbag.

If interested in pics of the bag off the bike, as it is right now, let me know and I'll snap and upload them when I have some time off of work.

Pricing is firm considering the condition of the bag. Let me know your zip code for a shipping quote.