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I ordered parts from Stadium Yamaha on 2/18/2015 and was given a shipment estimate of 2/27/2015-3/4/2015. It is currently 3/17/2015 and for the past two weeks, I was told several reasons for the delay in receiving my parts.

1. I have no way in knowing where your shipment is or when it is going to arrive. (So are they implying that only the end consumer is supplied with tracking numbers and distribution centers don't supply dealerships with shipping dates and tracking numbers?)
2. The weather in Minnesota has caused a delay in their warehouse and that the snow has even hit them in Texas. Should be here in a few more days.
3. We just received a shipment and we're experiencing delays due to transfer of ownership. Your parts are most likely in one of these boxes and should be shipped out tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
4. So far, I have 3 of your items so far as I Your parts are already here and as a fellow FZ-09 owner myself, I will personally put your order together and it should be ready to go today, tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. (According to the online site, they're closed on Mondays)
5. I have nothing here on the shelves so your order hasn't arrived yet.

After #5, I asked Josh in the parts department how long it will be until my order comes in, and that they pulled funds out of my account as soon as the order was placed 2/18/2015 and it is now 3/17/2015 and they have yet to receive my order. He said I can refund your funds if you'd like, I asked sure, but then how long will that take? He said have a nice day and hung up.

I called back to speak to the current owner Bob Crow, and I told him about the rudeness of his current staff and the issues I've dealt with. Transfer of ownership isn't a valid excuse and he assured me he'd deal with this when he speaks with the previous owner. Assured me he'd call back within 30 minutes, it has been an hour, and I wanted to get this out and vent before leaving the house.

I'm pretty sure that this has been allowed to go on due to the leadership of the past as well as the current owner because their lack of customer service and screwing internet and phone customers over with a smile is such blatant disregard for past and current customer issues that they seem to not mind losing internet/over the phone customer base.

Josh in the parts department was quick to return my money, but the loss of time and unavailability of the over $212 for a month is not something I'm very happy about.

I suppose I'm looking for your thoughts, opinions, as well as possible courses of action I may be able to take other than being an upset customer. How can a consumer defend themselves against unfair treatment, and unfair business practices when it comes to internet/over the phone sales?

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