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Hope all you troublemakers had a great spring break and at least got some time off. I took the week and headed to CA. First up was a ride from SAC to Tahoe.

Dropped off the old man at Placerville (KPVF) to grab the plane. No bike at the moment so he'll be flying to Tahoe.

Leaving Fair Oaks/SAC en route to Tahoe.

I'm down there somewhere.

Bunny Ranch, anyone?

Nearing the top of Carson Pass. It was a little cold at 8500'.

Riding buddy.

Lake Tahoe & the airport in the distance.

From the air.

Met up with the pilot (aka Dad) at Tahoe (KTVL) for lunch at the Flight Deck.


Then I rode a wheelie alllll the way back. :cool:

Also rode from SAC to Petaluma and San Francisco but I left the GoPro in the plane (damnit). On the way back from Frisco I had the opportunity to lane-split through traffic right behind a CHP bike...if only I had remembered the damn camera. BTW, lane-splitting is the sheeiit.

This was probably the most entertaining thing I saw in Frisco. There are some real characters there.

Got some footage on the 'tard too. This was Mosquito Road. I would post the video but I was kinda riding like a jackass so...

Had a great time and between the drive down and riding, I covered just shy of 1600 miles. I'm taking another week off in July for the FIM superbike world championship at Laguna Seca...can't wait!
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