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Speedo Accuracy

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I don't think I have seen anyone post this, but I have not read every post either and no I don't have a GPS, but it's an important question.

How accurate is the speedo with stock tires and gearing?
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I've got a GPS, but I've never put it on the bike to check the accuracy of the speedo.........and it's too damn cold to go out for a ride today. It started out this morning at 24 degrees and only suppose to get up to 37 this afternoon. If, by chance it warms up this coming weekend, I'll give it a test run.
37 degrees? I'm still stuck at 23 with 20 mph winds:mad:
I hear ya, 15 this morning in upstate NY!, Its 25 now and there was a dusting of snow and the roads are salted, sucks. I think I am done till late March, maybe april.
Hey.......you guys had all summer to move! :cool:
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I didnt have a gps but I passed one of those lighted speed indicators the highway dept. puts along side the road and my display was reading 70 while the sign showed i was going 68-69, bouncing between the two. I don't know how accurate those things are though.
I don't own a GPS but I have checked it a couple of times using the mile posts along our highways. Both times it gained some but not even 1/10 mile in 4miles
so lets say 1/2 tenth would mean 1/10 in 8 miles or 1 mile in 80 so that is .0125 fast so at 70 you would be going 69. My impression is it is very close just like deadduck357 indicated.
In Motorcycle Consumer News this month they had an article on the FZ, and they said at an indicated 65 it was doing 64.5
pretty accurate imo
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Thanks guys - that is so unusual to have an accurate speedo. All the bikes in my signature read at least 5% optimistic, so 70mph indicated is really like 65mph or less.
I shall have to watch myself then.
The only exception was the 1100G, which gave the right speed when I had a larger tire on the front
Mine reads about 6 percent optimistic, 50 actual reads 53.

Between 55 and 70 mph mine is off by less than 1 mph.
I thought I better revive this thread instead of starting a new one.

I just found that my speedo is way off on my 2014. To the tune of ~5 mph. To my knowledge everything is stock. From my searches of the internets, stock gearing should be 16 front 45 rear. Does that sound about right? I'm still on the factory tires, the rear sprocket is a 45, but I didn't bother taking the cover off to check the front as I just assumed it was stock because the guy I bought it from never told me otherwise (and I can't see him changing just the front sprocket.

I did a couple of tests. First I got an app on my phone that records max speed. I reset it and rode 10km up the highway keeping it right at 110 km/h (68mph), the app recorded my max speed as 103 km/h (64mph). Unsatisfied I hopped in my car to test the app to see if it was working properly, and it was. It was bang on with my car speedo.

Then I followed my wife up the highway and had her set her cruise control at 110km/h (68mph), and I had to go 118 km/h (73mph) to keep her pace.

Is is pretty standard for a speedo to be out by this much? Has anyone else checked their speedo accuracy?
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Never checked it with stock gearing, but have my gps charged/ready to check the speedo once I get the 17t cs sprocket on this week.
I only have 60kms on my 2014 so far, but I would really love to hear from those who have checked their speedos....
2% percent optimistic
early build 2015 stock gearing
My measurements with gps showed the odometer is 6.5% too high
It seems MT09 speedos can be more optimistic. Mine reads 109km/h at a true 100.
The GPS app called WAZE has a speedo on the bottom left corner. In my car, it shows that my speedometer is off by 2-3 due to lower profile tires
Speedometers on motorcycles are notoriously inaccurate, almost always reading faster than actual speed. I wouldn't doubt that's on purpose by the mfrs. My Fz09 comes much closer to actual speed than I've seen in the past.
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