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These of course will not work with a passenger.
I have soft bags and reworked my supports that keep them out of the wheel. Since I only ride solo, I wanted to use the rear passenger pegs as the mounting point. Cost was about 10.00. The other day I had leather overpants, lunch bag, extra gloves and heated liner in them and a took kit. I also realize the Yamaha Supports are nice but I am not ready to buy them.

some details:
The pegs have indents on the underside that I used as a drill point.
The top side has two shiny square places showing
the 3/4 by 3/4 aluminum angle metal is stiff and held to the pegs with 2 screws. Use fine threads. the tie wrap is to keep them up if bags removed and I have to go somewhere with them still on the bike.

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the side view and top view give an idea of the bending I did in a vise and placement along side of bike.
Removing them is a 5 minute job.
The ends do not go past the bags so the only front peg is somewhat visible.
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the picture of the bag straps are showing the two holes cut so the seat ears can engage the frame and the seat can lock into place.
No straps have to go over the seat.

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