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Hello everybody! I usually only read all threads but never participate until now that I decide to purchase a seat for a long trip with my wife. I like the shad seat and I emailed shad couple of times about when their seat was going to be available without the MT09 Logo, I understand the brand is from Europe and this is how our bike is called there but we are in US and just don't like the name on the seat.

I decide to post this since there are other riders waiting for the non embroidery seat, I received an email from shad where they announce the seat is now available:

" Good afternoon Tom,

thank you for your email, the request from FZ-09 riders to develop a new comfort seat without embroidery has been heard! The first batch of the new SHAD Comfort seat for the FZ-09 will be available on June 9th and are now available online for pre-order. Orders will not be charged until a few days prior to actual shipping, secure your order today to be one of the first to receive the new FZ09 Comfort Seat by SHAD.
Available for the first 25 orders only, a introductory price with discount code at checkout.

A direct link to the seat can be found here below:
Yamaha FZ09 Seat FZ09 MT09 MT-09

Best regards.
Angie Maya

Her email is [email protected] if you guys have any specific questions, I haven't purchase any of their products but service is great so far!

Here is the link to their store:

Yamaha FZ09 Seat FZ09 MT09 MT-09

FZ09 seat store.jpg

FZ09 seat 2 store.jpg
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