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Ok riders, here is my brief installation of the SHAD l46 Top Case. First of I am a 80% commuter, hence I need functionality and safety vs. a striped down sexy rocket :(.

Yeaa it certainly domesticated my wild bucking bronco aka 09er a bit, but now I have room for 2 full size Shoe helmets and my HP laptop. Or 1 SHOE full size helmet, 1 heavy duty over-pants, 1 pair full height SIDI boots, rain-gear, gloves all fit's tight into my 46liter SHAD case. Now it really makes it easier to simply ride, park, undress and lock it safely and dry into my top case and join the party :cool:.. oohh just make sure you have a hot Jacket lol

As usual with top-case mounting plate, they have to fit a whole assembly of rear carriers… no wonder it was bit of a challenge finding 2 mounting location that was in line with the 09er to securely fastened the SHAD mounting Plate.

However it was a complete surprise to me that the additional SHAD LED brake module didn’t fit unto the proposed mounting location underneath the mounting plate. It was due to the oblong OEM rear carrier shape that ended up with a pointy tail. And that pointy rear carrier tail (so to speak) was in the way to fasten the LED brake light from underneath as instructed. Anyhoooww German ingenuity fastened the LED brake light from the top (see pictures) and after I plugged it into the VIZI Brake modulator all brake lights are sync.

Domesticated 09er..
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

Without the top case
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

Mounting locations
Blue Product Water

LED Break light mounting location
Vehicle Fuel tank Car Automotive tire Fender

All break light lit up
Light Red Automotive lighting Lighting Auto part
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