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I decided I wanted my seat lock to be somewhere else so this is what I bought and did.
Lock cable and bracket off ebay, no key (FJR1300 '05) $6.50
Screws spacers, washers and cable end. $7.00
Bicycle cable (5ft). $6.50

The Main of it all.
1. Cut the access metal off the bracket with some snips.
2. Pulled the cable ends off the old cable.
3. Cut the new cable to the length I needed.
4. Pushed the tips from the old onto the new cable.
5. Drilled three holes in the side plastic tray.
6. Pulled three pins out of the lock so my key would work.
7. Installed

I didn't mention the details like painting it or how I positioned the lock but all came out fine and I now can unlock my seat with either lock.

I purchased a lock, bracket and cable off ebay for $6.50 including shipping. It had no key. The length would work and would be fine enough if you wanted to locate the lock in the right side cover panel, there is enough room but is a little challenging making a bracket to mount the lock to the bike. You would need to cut a 20mm hole in the side of the panel also. This was my first choice and I was working on a second mockup bracket when I changed my mind. I decided I did not want to make a hole in my side panel and thought it might be in the way if I mounted some type of bags on the bike.

More pics here if interested: http://willsell.com/fzlock/

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