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On a couple other sites, I have noted a method of searching for information on a web site directly from Google, and it works just fine on Bing and probably other search engines. The built-in search feature on YamahaFZ09.com seems pretty good, but I have seen some web sites in which the search feature isn't much help. Also, some sites won't allow you to search unless logged in as a member. This method, so far as I have attempted, bypasses that restriction. The method is fairly easy, and the description is done mostly with pictures...

Step 1: Open a search engine such as Google.com or Bing.com and enter a search phrase preceded by a reference to the web site.

In this example, I searched for "engine bolt torque" having recently installed frame sliders for my FZ-09. Use any combination of words after site:yamahafz09.com and see what a search engine brings up. The results for the "engine bolt torque" search appear below.

Step 2: Maybe this really didn't need "steps," just press your Enter key or click on the search button.

It works nicely when I have a second screen for searching while I am typing a post or to grab some information very quickly.
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