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... and bought myself a nearly new BMWR1200RS :)

As much as I loved the XSR (and I did), there were just too many comfort compromises.
Needed better passenger accomodation and luggage.
And the Adreani/Ohlins suspension combo never really made me happy.
It was excellent on a good surface, but I don't live near nice roads.... so....

I started looking at a 2nd hand Tracer GT, but after my wife told me, 'why not a new Tracer GT', I expanded my budget. :)

I bought a BMW R1200RS, 2y old with 2000km on the odometer for the price of a new Tracer GT.

I do think the Tracer is a perfect bike, but I was swayed by the shaft drive of the Beemer.
It was a tough choice!
Any other day, I would have gone for the Tracer in Nimbus grey and Red.... soooo pretty!

Anyway, here's my new baby:

size res.jpg

front res.jpg
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