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2021 MT-09
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my father and i planned a short term road trip to the alps. My father drove my old ER-6n and I drove my newly purchased MT-09. I was very surprised how well the MT-09 drove through the most famous passes in the Alps in the area Switzerland-Italy-Austria. The coldest stretch was at the Kaunertal glacier (Austria) with only 5°C (Kaunertaler Gletscher · 6524, Austria) and the warmest 34°C in Bolzano (Italy).

Here are some pictures of the trip:
Cloud Sky Mountain Natural landscape Highland

Cloud Sky Water Mountain Plant

Sky Mountain Cloud Natural landscape Slope

Sky Mountain Plant Natural landscape Vegetation

Plant Natural landscape Vegetation Grass Slope

Sky Cloud Mountain Natural landscape Landscape

Sky Cloud Mountain Ecoregion Natural landscape

Mountain Watercourse Slope Glacial landform Mountainous landforms

Cloud Sky Water Water resources Mountain

Cloud Sky Mountain Natural landscape Glacial landform

2021 MT-09
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Thanks guys. This Trip was amazing and we had a lot of fun. I would even say that on this tour we learned to ride a motorcycle.

Spectacular! Those roads and the scenery take motorcycling to a whole other level.
Asiate, how many days were you guys on the road and where did you stay during the trip?
It was a 7 day trip and roughly 2500km. The first night we spent at the 'Bodensee' Switzerland in the vacation home of my father's boss.

After that we set out to drive through our first passes. We drove through the 'Klausenpass', 'Sustenpass', 'Grimselpass', 'Furkapass', 'Gotthardpass' and the 'Nufenenpass'. the first day ended at the hotel-restaurant Grimsel.

the second day we took the route back to the 'Nufenenpass' and headed for the 'San-Bernardino-Pass' and 'Berninapass'. Here we had to drive a huge detour, because the police has held a pass road completely closed.
We had to pass through 'Bormio' and had booked a room in 'Sondrio'. It was a farm called 'Alloggio del contadino'.

The third day we decided to drive through the 'Passo del Vivione', which we did not regret at all, the roads were bad and narrow, but more fun, hardly any cars. Then we drove up to the 'Umbrailpass', which we also drove down and up again. Then the 'Stilfserjoch', 'Reschenpass' and the Kaunertal glacier road.
We also slept in the Kaunertal, had booked an apartment via Airbnb.

The fourth day we drove the 'Timmelsjoch', 'Jaufenpass', 'Grödner Joch', 'Sellajoch', 'Karerpass' and had booked an apartment in Bolzano via Airbnb.

The fifth day we planned a little less distance but had to bypass the 'Staller Sattel' because it was closed, which was also a long detour.
On this day we took back the 'Karerpass' and drove the 'Passo die Giau' around the Dolomites.
We booked a hotel room which was on the other side of the 'Staller Sattel', which we could not drive through. The hotel was called
Alpengasthof Pichler', the room had the most comfortable bed I have lain on.

On the sixth day we had to drive slowly back towards Switzerland and on that day we took the 'Kühtaisattel', 'Hahntenjoch' and the 'Albergpass'.
Our destination that day was a hotel in Landeck. When we arrived they told us that they were overbooked and looked for another hotel for us, where we got a room upgade, the hotel was called 'Hotel Enzian'.

The destination on the last day was again the vacation home in Bregenz, but instead we took the 'Bielerhöhe' and had lunch in Lindau.
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