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I was hit by a car who ran a stop sign about a month ago. It got written off on friday.
I had been thinking about keeping mine and turboing it but, since i ride rain hail or shine, and in heavy traffic as well as fun stuff, that wasnt really gonna work.
SO I just picked this up. 2017, one owner, 35,000ks, all the extras I needed.
Motohooligan airbox and V stacks, carbon bits, 3 exhausts (the incredibly obnoxious high slung one thats on it, a ceramic coated akra, and the oem, aand 2 full tubs of parts.
It is pissing down rain here at the moment so road it home at night, in the rain in rain mode. Looking forward to daylight and sunshine so i can really try it out.
I love that a bike with, say, 160hp at the wheel is a sensible choice.
I'll hang around 'cause I like you guys.
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