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Quick fix for throttle play side to side (right to left if you're hand is on it). I've had to do this on most of the bikes I own and it works like a champ:

1. Order a pack of 25mm ID, .1mm thick stainless shims from McMaster

2. Pop off the bar end with a big ass allen

3. Pull back the rubber dust cap that covers both throttle cables

4. Pop off the two allen screws on the throttle housing (3mm)

5. Pull apart the throttle housing (top & bottom) and then unhook both throttle cables from the throttle tube

6. Slide the throttle tube off the bars and then slide on a shim, replace the throttle tube. You can test fit using the bottom half of the throttle housing - add/remove shims until the slack is gone.

7. Once you get the right number of shims (mine took 2) grease everything up and reassemble. Be sure you line up the throttle housing with the alignment hole in the bottom of the handlebar tube otherwise it wont seat correctly

Goes without saying but make sure there arent too many shims in there - the throttle should still snap back without assistance. It will 'break in' a bit with the shims, but not much.
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