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Rear right turn signal and horn does not get any power

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I have a mt 09 2018 and was out riding and suddenly my right turn signal and horn stopped working.
I checked the signal fuse and it was okay, tried to replace it with a new one but still no power to the turn signal or horn when I checked it with a multimeter.
So I started to tear the bike apart and found absolutely nothing.
After some google search I found that it may be the park fuse, and it was blown.
I replaced it with a new one and now my horn working fine but the right turn signal just stays on all the time. Using a multimeter it gives power to the rear turn signal cables as soon I turn the ignition on.

I have tried to disconnect both handlebar switches (left and right) still getting power to the turn signal.
What previous owner did was connect the both cables which is going to the turn signal/hazard relay. But even if I connect the cables to the relay the problem still exists.

I only have access to mt/fz 09 2017 wiring diagram but I guess it’s the same for a 2018 mt 09.
with this I’ve tried to locate where the power to that specific cable to the rear right turn signal is coming from but can’t figure it out..
Here is a picture of the diagram where I have painted the cables which is connected to the rear right turn signal and horn.

anybody have an idea what this possible can be? Thanks!
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