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Purchased a used 2018 MT09 - Suspension seems super soft, need advice on adjustment + bike is running cold.

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Hey y'all, I just purchased a used 2018 MT09 with 9k on the odo. Bike looks to be taken care of very well. I'm not sure if the previous owner ever adjusted the suspension settings but wow....first bump I hit I felt like I was riding a pogo stick down the street. Sooo soft...and I'm a light 150lb rider! Any advice/links to a how-to for adjusting these front forks and rear spring (preload etc) for someone a light as me? (150lbs) Or would it be better to head into a local shop and have the experts help me on this? I don't want to mess anything up.

Also, I noticed that the coolant temp at times will dip down to 167 degrees while cruising! Even after it has been warmed. Seems too cold to me, wouldn't the bike be stuck in closed loop at this temp? For reference, it does get up to 223 (fans come on etc) and the coolant goes between 176 and 223 as it should when warmed but I'm noticing that on colder rides she sits allll the way down at 167!! A tad cold it seems. No idea what coolant/if it's OEM is in there.
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Just blasted around town and on the highway now.....I let it get up to 200F + and rode stop and go for quick some time for things to heat up - then when I'm on the straights or the highway she was running way back down at 154-156F! Given the air temp is cold here but man.....154-156F seems way too cold. As long as this is normal though then ok....I just don't want any damage to the engine if indeed this is too cold to be running at (and for extended periods e.g. a long highway rides on a cold day etc). I mean....what temp does the thermo even open at? Never seen a thermo below 165 with most of em opening at 185 so if the bike is running in the 150's non-stop it just seems odd.
I don't understand why this would damage the engine? As long as the lubricants get in to working range it fine. If you ride a lot in city traffic with limited air flow its more damaging to the engine to run to hot than running at 70ish °C at the highway.
Oh definitely Oil is #1. I was just saying...I'm used to higher operating temps on any engine after it's fully heated. Maybe the CP3 likes to run on the colder side and it's engineering? 150s is low though.

And of course running cooler not only causes less wear n tear on the engine, but the engine generally makes more power. I was just verifying, and it sounds like 150s-160s when cold cruising is the norm and ok.

Also, I know the ECU comes into play as far as temps go (closed loop/open loop A/F & throttle %) etc so thought maybe running too cool could affect that or the likes.
155F/68C does seem excessively cool. Over cool engines actiually wear more because the alloys aren't properly up to temperature.
A radiator pressurised systwm allows the coolant to boil at a higher temperature than 100C at sea level. Each psi of pressure raises the BP approx 1.5 C, so a 15psi (1 BAR) cap will allow the temperature to go as high as approx 122 decC (251F) which makes the 155 seem overly low IMO
Exactly my thoughts...so it's concerning after I fully heat the engine and do heat cycles...let it sit til the fans come on at 220+ then ride it down and stop and go and watch it go up and down and then cruise and it sits at 156 degrees.....it's like it's "over cooled" which I didn't think was possible due to the thermo/entire cooling systems mechanics which is why I don't get how it's running this cold.
On 2nd thought....doesn't a thermostat control this? E.g. open/close it shouldn't allow the temp to go BACK DOWN to the 150's after it's at operating temps.
Ok, but shouldn't an engine designed by Yamaha operate in a Window that keep it out of danger - Hi or Low?
This is my question actually......asking if running 154 degrees is normal for the CP3 or not....because 150s...shit even 160s is very cold for just about any engine. I mean for all I know, the previous owner slapped in a lower temp thermostat and filled thebsystem with only water. Which is why I'm asking others if this lower operating temp (while cruising) is what they experience. If it is....then sounds like the CP3 just likes running cooler.
It's normal when running in cooler weather.

Nah, you can't replace the thermostat without destroying the housing it's in, it's not designed to be replaceable like that.

Any time you buy a used bike unless you know the owner well, you should always be suspicious of what's been done. People do stupid shit.
Thanks, good to know and yep...people in general....are just not smart smh :rolleyes:
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