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Purchased a used 2018 MT09 - Suspension seems super soft, need advice on adjustment + bike is running cold.

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Hey y'all, I just purchased a used 2018 MT09 with 9k on the odo. Bike looks to be taken care of very well. I'm not sure if the previous owner ever adjusted the suspension settings but wow....first bump I hit I felt like I was riding a pogo stick down the street. Sooo soft...and I'm a light 150lb rider! Any advice/links to a how-to for adjusting these front forks and rear spring (preload etc) for someone a light as me? (150lbs) Or would it be better to head into a local shop and have the experts help me on this? I don't want to mess anything up.

Also, I noticed that the coolant temp at times will dip down to 167 degrees while cruising! Even after it has been warmed. Seems too cold to me, wouldn't the bike be stuck in closed loop at this temp? For reference, it does get up to 223 (fans come on etc) and the coolant goes between 176 and 223 as it should when warmed but I'm noticing that on colder rides she sits allll the way down at 167!! A tad cold it seems. No idea what coolant/if it's OEM is in there.
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Sounds like how my bike ran from new. I actually complained to the NHTSA about how crap the suspension was.
I turned the damping screw on the rear to full and that nearly worked. Ended up with a stoltec unit that is actually too stiff. Needs less compression.
Had to change the oil in the front leg from the default 0W to 10W (too stiff) then 5W (close enough) 7.5W is better
My FZ always ran cooler in our "winter". I assume the air cooling was greater than the engine heating could deal with.

My air/oil cooled GSX1100G also ran cold in the winter. Getting off the freeway in February after a 15 mile run to work, the engine acted like I had just started it. Took another 1/2 mile at slower speed to warm up.

This is all normal. Sometimes there are just too many distractions on the dashboard
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