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Psycoreefer's XSR900 - scrambler-ish

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Well, looks like I'm doing a lot of mods so I guess it makes sense to post a build thread. First several posts will be stuff that is already done and I'll try to keep a list of all the mods up-to-date here in the first post for those looking at what I've used.
I had a hard time initially convincing myself to get the XSR, I've been wanting a Ducati Scrambler and the 1100cc & desert sled models really appealed to me. In addition to that I also loved the look/idea of Triumph Scramber 1200, the classic looks of the Honda CB1100 and the Kawasaki Z900RS. After doing a lot of research and test rides I finally settled on the XSR. The Ducati's require too frequent of maintenance for my taste, I'd rather be riding than adjusting valves. The Triumph was a blast, but while I love the look of the high exhaust, it also felt hot on my leg even after a short ride and it was also out of my price range. The CB1100 simply didn't 'feel' like a more modern bike than my current xs1100, riding it felt about the same and I really wanted something that handled better than my current bike. Finally the Z900RS is the only bike I ruled out with out riding it - I simply couldn't find one under 12k which was about 2x my budget.

My goal with this build is to turn my XSR into something a little closer to the ducati scrambler, or the triumph street scrambler. A tough do-it-all bike with modern performance and still capable of long back-roads trips. My primary off-highway use is fire roads and unpaved streets which tend to be pretty manageable even with a street only bike, so a lot of my modifications are going to be focused on comfort and protection.

Items added so far:
Radiator Guard - Link
Kick stand foot pad - Link
ECU Flashed by VcycleNut - Link
Adjustable/Extendable/Foldable levers - Link
Two Brothers S1R exhaust - Used - Link
Bar end mirror adapters - Link
Mosko Moto Reckless 80 adventure luggage - Used - Link
Gauge Screen protector
Anti-Gravity ATZ10 Lithium Battery - Link
Laam custom seat - Link - Review
Shinko 705 Tires - Link
K-tech Razor R rear shock - Used - Link
Higdonion Gen 1 trail cage - Link - Review
Fork Cartridges - ordered GP 25mm kit - Link - install
SaferTurn brake & turn signal modules - Link
DRL/Blinker LED Fork strip things - Link
Tracer 900 GT Left switch cluster - Link - install
TST Gen 2 Flasher Relay - Link
Amazon Highway Pegs - Link
Hondo Garage 'Juiced Squeeze' phone mount - Link
Sprint Filter P08 - Link
Tracer/FJ09 Passenger Peg brackets - Link - #42 & #49
StickerMan 'Rapid' reflective red rim tape - Link
Morimoto Sealed 7 2.0 LED head light - Used - Link
Ventura Rack 'Pack' Rack - Link

Items planed or pending install:
MT09 swing arm mount license plate
Cruise Control
Tracer Seat
2021 Ride by wire right Hand controls - cable elimination.

Items removed:
Factory front turn signals
Factory flasher relay (rapid flash with LEDs)
Stock Reflectors
Bar risers - Link - need longer cables
Bridge Stone AX41S tires - Link - worn out ~ 4500 on the rear and 7000 on the front
National Cycle F16 sport wind screen - Used - Link - broken during tip over
Bar end mirrors & Signals - Link - broken during tip over - never got wired up.
7" Round universal headlight with 'grill' - Link - Too dim, LED headlight not compatable
Factory Plastic clutch side cover - to expose 'Yamaha' casting.
Shinko 705 Rear Tire - Link- Worn out ~ 7500 miles.

How it looks today:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank
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Bone stock the day I bought it. 1000 miles on the clock, a dead battery & flat tires.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive tire

And one of the old bike this one is replacing, an xs1100.
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motorcycling Motor vehicle
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First mod was adding the f16 wind screen...this was recycled from a previous bike. It fits, but it's a bit too large, I'll probably replace it down the line with something smaller.
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Motorcycle Headlamp

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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Next up I did the radiator guard, gauge protector, kick stand foot, and battery. I went with an anti-gravity restart battery which is supposed to have built in drain protection. This will allow me to not carry a jumper pack while traveling.
Auto part Automotive lighting Headlamp Rim Vehicle

Radiator Auto part Automotive exterior Vehicle Engine
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Next up was the ECU flash - based on reviews on the forum I did this early because I had plans to replace the exhaust, delete the AIS, and wanted to experience the 'smoother' throttle everyone raves about. I wasn't disappointed in the service offered by Dave, bike runs great, but I didn't notice a huge difference in throttle control. I think the difference may be more noticeable on the earlier models and to be fair I also didn't have a lot of miles on the bike before the flash to compare.
No pictures of this one as it happened - maybe I'll add a couple next time I have the tank off.
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At this point I received my higdonion trail cage in the mail. I attempted to mount the cage and it didn't fit. I contacted Higdonion and they are working with me to get a replacment cage sent out. Pics below of the cage & the measurements I took. The holes in the cage appear to be off by about 1/8th of an inch center to center.
Pipe Auto part Bicycle frame Vehicle Metal
Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Auto part Wheel
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Hand Vehicle
Technology Art Wire Street art
Bicycle part Bmx bike Bicycle Bicycle frame Vehicle
Auto part Tire Brake Vehicle Engine
Bicycle part Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle
Auto part Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel
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Next up I found some Mosko Moto adventure touring bags for sale locally on facebook. I'd been looking at these or the 'giantloop' style bags for a while because I wanted something with the following properties:
1. Easy to take on/off the bike
2. Doesn't require a bunch of bike-specific brackets & hangers
3. Universal - works with other bikes
4. Rugged
5. Waterproof
6. Enough space for a 2 week trip

This is the 'reckless 80L' system V2. It lacks some of the adjustability of the V3 system that is currently being sold but I got these for about 20% of the new retail price. They had 1 manufacturing defect and 2 weeks of off-road use by the PO which included a little bit of heat damage and a bunch of dust.
I have about 250 miles on the bike with the bags installed and so far I'm happy. I think that the 40L system would be a better fit for the XSR - this 80L is really made for a bigger ADV bike, and I lack good places to strap the luggage down at. My plan is to add some tie-down loops and possibly a rear rack in the future to provide some additional options.

This is a pic of the defect - this strap wasn't fully captured in the seam on the bag - mosko's support has been outstanding in fixing the issue even though I wasn't the original purchaser. If you buy used mosko bags get the seller to provide you with the order number - that is all Mosko needs to warranty their products.
Finger Hand Textile Thumb
Airsoft Hand Recreation Adventure Airsoft gun

This is my 'spare fuel' bottle - its a 1 gallon min-keg or growler. Its all stainless steel and I replace the sealing o-ring on the lid with a fuel-proof one from NAPA. It fits nicely in one of the pockets on the mosko bags. I may order another one of these containers and use it for Water on the other side.
Auto part Cylinder
Asphalt Automotive wheel system Auto part Wheel

These are my mounting points - I spent a grand total of 5 minutes putting these on the first time - it all mounts using cam straps.
Auto part Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Pipe
Bumper Auto part Vehicle Tire Automotive wheel system
Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Auto part

This is how the bags look on the bike when Full. The bags are basically a bunch of pockets and then Mosko provides roll-top dry bags that fit the pockts. 100% water-proof.
Vehicle Car Crash Family car Minivan
Motor vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Automotive tire Mode of transport

This is my only complaint at this point - the bags have to be position right at the edge of the seat to fit. I didn't find that they were rubbing or bothering me in this position, but that could change on a longer ride.
Webbing Personal protective equipment
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I wanted to try some shorty lever so I purchased the cheapest set I could find. These are actually quite nice, the quality is higher than I expected, but I think I would prefer an even shorter clutch lever.
Vehicle Motorcycle Motorcycle accessories Auto part Automotive tire

Vehicle Technology Motorcycle Car Auto part

Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car Motorcycle accessories
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A fellow member posted up a used two brothers exhaust for a deal that was too good to pass up. Got it in the mail a few days later and mounted it up. Install was super easy, even without instructions.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire
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No longer recomended - see later update post
I found the exhaust a bit to loud so I made my own silencer.

This is the P1X with an additional length of 1.25" brass sink drain attached. The drain pipe is a snug slip fit but I added a couple sheet metal screws to ensure it doesn't fall off. Finally I crushed the pipe a bit for even less volume.

Electronics Technology Wood Electronic device Soil
Electronics Wood Camera Boombox Cameras & optics

Auto part
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I couldn't see anything besides my shoulders and elbows out of the stock mirrors. I wasn't sure if I would like bar end mirrors so I bought some super cheap ones on eBay to try out. This is how they look all mounted up on the bike. Initial impression after a short test ride and riding to work is that they are functional. The fit & finish is about what you would expect to get for 20 bucks. I don't notice any major vibration and the image in the mirrors isn't distorted or anything. They look good now but I don't expect the black finish to hold up well over time.
Vehicle Motorcycle Mode of transport Car Parking
Motor vehicle Mode of transport Transport Vehicle Automotive tire
Vehicle Car Motorcycle Road
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The mirrors I ordered also come with led bar end signals. My hope is that these will be bright enough that I can replace the factory signals. Haven't wired them up yet so I'm not sure how well they work.
The mirrors come with the standard universal rubber expansion bushing type mount.
This is what they look like with the nut & rubber bushing removed. Beside the mirror is the bar end adapter I ordered to mount them with. The adapter came with m6x1 threads and my mirrors had m8x1 bolts so i drilled and re-tapped the adapters for the correct thread. I did not have any issues with the throttle tube binding using these adapters and mirrors.
Rear-view mirror Wheel Automotive mirror

Everything just screws together so this is all the parts 'exploded' out.
Auto part Wheel

And this is how it looks all ready to mount onto the bike.
Automotive mirror Rear-view mirror Mirror Auto part
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There needs to be a "Subscribe" button on the forum because I'm very eagerly following this. I have a vested interest in it, after all.
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There needs to be a "Subscribe" button on the forum because I'm very eagerly following this. I have a vested interest in it, after all.
There is a 'follow' button at the very top on the same line as the thread title. I think by default when you post you start following automatically. When you click follow you can have it send you email alerts or not....
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This is great! DOn't stop with the updates :cool:
Updates will come as I have them. There were a bunch all at once because I was getting cought up with all the things I've already done....but since you asked
Added a Seth laam custom seat yesterday. No close up pics of the finished seat on my phone somehow so an update to come later in the day.
I rode this loop after the seat was finished and no pain or issues...so far happy with the purchase.
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motor vehicle Mountain range
Plant community Vehicle Wilderness Biome Tree
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Added a Seth laam custom seat yesterday. No close up pics of the finished seat on my phone somehow so an update to come later in the day.
I rode this loop after the seat was finished and no pain or issues...so far happy with the purchase.
View attachment 159575 View attachment 159576
On street tires? You are a brave soul. (y)
The seat looks ultra comfy.
yes on street tires - and nearly worn out street tires at that. Honestly it wasn't a problem, and I've always got the option of turning around if things get to sketchy The unpaved section was the most northern part of the loop...where the roads are named 'east side road' and 'clear creek' or 'dog creek'. I averaged about 20Mph along that stretch, most of it was no worse than a gravel road. I also updated the map - out of redding I rode 299 and then up through French Gulch, then onto the logging roads. I'm still trying to find a good ride planning/tracking method and it looked like the import to google maps didn't follow my route very well. I love to go places like these - the road less traveled. The views were amazing.
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Link to the thread with all the seat details and pictures...
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