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I am currently in the middle of retrofitting a projector headlight in the stock housing using the motorcycle kit (Mini D2S) from TheRetrofitSource.com and had a question for those who have done this...

In preparation for mounting the projector, I shaved off the raised plastic protrusions on the back of the reflector bowl so that the projector mounting nut has something flat to secure against. Upon installing the projector and testing clearance between it and the lens, I found that there is contact between the projector and lens. How much more of the reflector bowl do I have to trim and where? How much clearance is necessary between the lens and projector?

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Also interested in a thorough DIY for these. I've been up, down, and round and round on whether or not I want to give it a shot after AHR closed up shop.

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I'm also considering it, but I'd like to see someone else accomplish it themselves first. A detailed how-to would be even better.

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might be good to also try the square projectors they have, it has good output..
when trimming the reflector at the back, just locate the center and try do a square measurement first to have the circle cut go even..
you wil just slowly shave and shave slowly to get it rounded, have the lens and the projector at least have 1cm distance when you try putting the headlight lens on..

some tips below, general retrofitting guide...
but prior to this you have to work where there is at least 12ft distance from wall
you will need flat screw driver, short ones are better, gloves, towel, and your retrofit materials, air duster, dremel (sander/cutting disc
(projector kit, harness, the headlight sealant, and your workplace and oven, heat gun is a pain to work with and takes a while oven is better IMO)
after taking the headlight off the bike (make sure you have adjusted the light as per manual too)

(generally its like this; find a flat ground with a wall must be even) get the bike close to the wall as possible sitting on it; look at where the cut-off of the light is..
then get off the bike and mark it where it was, now back off 25-30ft away sit on the bike, your cut off by then must be 2 inches below your marked spot,
adjust if needed..) now thats done go home and take the headlight off..

-measure your stock headlight cut-off, mark it on the wall so you have a baseline for the height and horizontal aim.. that you just measured (you can work on a kitchen counter if you want)

-then open headlight lens... halve an oven tray ready with a thick cardboard on top of it.. pre heat to 210 place headlight on the tray with cardboard..

-bake it at 210/220f for 15-20 min, make sure there are no screws holding the headlight and the lens together, screw it off before baking

-after its done using your gloves and the towel lay the headlight , grab the small screwdriver and start prying off the tabs first to loosen, then start prying on the easy areas where the
grooves of the headlight housing and the lens meet, it should take separate like butter melting..(i'm not familiar with fz09 headlight but usually jdm uses soft headlight glue)
after opening have a saran wrap available and cover the inside and outside of the headlight lens due to dust and wont be wiping off a lot later

-estimate by looking at the side how much the headlight lens is protruding to base your measurement on the depth of the projector to sit at the reflector later...

-separate the reflector from the headlight housing carefully (sometimes this is difficult depending on whats holding the reflector) either screw or rounded joint tabs

-when reflector is off, do another lighting up the wall again.. same as it was off the bike this time just the reflector... (this is critical for horizontal aim of the light)
use your battery to light up your halogen or hid pnp for this, make sure the reflector is stable standing straight, use clamps if needed.. it must be stable..
(mark the horizontal line of the wall on your kitchen area or garage maybe lol)

- when that is done, do measurements at the rear of the reflector mark it, do a square measurement surrounding the hole where tha bulb sits..,
start by cutting off the square portion surrounding the hole you measured and marked.. (cutting disc)

-(using the dremel sander) shave 1/2 cm forming a circle around that square area.. going around it..., trial fitting the headlight and the lens, shave more if needed based on your side estimate earlier..
take your time, patience pays well for this..

-now if the projector sits well far enough that you think it wont hit the front lens anymore, wash and clean it paint as needed if you want...

-now aiming.. theres lots of methods for this, if using the mini d2s 2.0/3.0 it has tabs to lock it and secure the projector if not, fastest was using a jb weld hot glue stick..
light up your projector kit.. use the measurement you did lighting up the wall with the reflector only... secure projector, if aim is spot on then
use jb weld stick high heat on 4 areas.. when it hardens up (10-20 mins if it is heated up by the projector bowl) put silicone.... to absorb most of the vibrations..

- if everything is all well and done like installing the angel eyes wiring/halo etc use the air duster.. clean off then seal the headlight...
use the headlight sealant trs provided, of better if the koito headlight sealant...
bake it same method, clamp it for 24hrs.. done
wiring and stuff should be easy..

if you need to ask some stuff about wiring and stuff let me know,,
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