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I thought I would try this screen because of tiring of the wait on the MRA.
Must say that I am pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish and the quality of the hardware.
The wider brackets(1 3/8" wider than the hole-to-hole Yamaha screws for xtra screen support)
were beefy(almost 1/8" thick).When it was all snugged down it was very secure with no screen movement.
Whether you go with Ermax or Powerbronze powerbronze windscreen 002.jpg powerbronze windscreen 003.jpg powerbronze windscreen 004.jpg powerbronze windscreen 005.jpg powerbronze windscreen 006.jpg I believe the 33cm is th right compromise.

Ride Report: As probably anyone will attest who has added a windscreen on this bike...It shoulda come with one.
Significant downgrade of windblast.I am 6'2" and have added 1" height to my seat and the airflow enters
at my upperlip.Good helmet and a mild crouch and I blasted a buck-fifteen with no wind drama.NICE!

Windscreen supplier report: Superbike Store out of Michigan with superfast 2 day free shipping $140.
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