Currently $1,155 from Stoltec. I kept this shock off of my 2014 FZ09 when I sold it. There is a blemish on the reservoir body, otherwise it is in fine condition with less than 3,000 miles of use. The needle bearing in the images is a Torrington bearing that reduces binding and bending forces generated by the shock spring as it compresses and extends. The bearing comes as standard on Penske products. This shock also has ajustable ride height of 12 mm which allows one to fine tune steering characteristics. The buyer will need to source a Hyperco 6" x 2.25" ID spring in the appropriate rate for their weight, which sells for $103. Nick Stolte at Stoltec is a great source for guidance and accessories for many models of Yamaha and Triumph motorcycles but in particular for the FZ09 as he developed ECU maps, suspension products. Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail in CONUS. Be sure to check out my 100% satisfaction rating at modyogi on ebay. PayPal