I've been upgrading everything I can on my bike and finally upgraded to an autoblipper, so my OEM quick shifter is for sale. Works on 17+ MT09's and I'm confident it works with the XSR's as well, but do your own research. I'll clean up the shift rod if requested.
Looking for $150 for the quick shifter.
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Also, I have these Puig 3.0 foldable, adjustable levers. They're green and gold from the previous owner, I have the gold levers and green adjusters in a box somewhere and they will be included. These don't come cheap new, and are in pretty good shape for what I put my bike through, but have a tiny blemish on the end of one lever. I tried to get a picture of it as well as I could. Looking for $150 as well.
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Accepting offers on all items.