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For those of you keeping score, this has been a long time in the making. We've teased you with this for the past few months in personal emails, phone calls, and private messages. Truth is, there's been bigger fish to fry. But now that the season is winding down, we're getting caught up on these little projects that we could never find the time for. But without further ado...

We've been a FT ECU dealer for years now. As some of you may recall, Stoltec Moto was even the first to offer mail-in ECU reflashing on the FZ-09. Though we haven't offered that service in a few years, we've continued to refine our rideability and have been asked by numerous customers for help. Now, we're excited to offer FT ECU hardware to the public!

Flashing Kits

If you're a DIY kind of rider, this is a great solution. This kit allows you to clear the trouble codes and avoid downtime associated with mailing an ECU. Plus, you gain full access to the ECU to remove the throttle restrictions, adjust engine braking, refine the throttle response, adjust fueling/timing to compensate for exhaust changes, remove the speed limiter, adjust fan temperatures, and add optional hardware like quick shifters and active tuning kits.

Each customer will receive a baseline map with our throttle and decel tables to help get you started. But let this be clear: the fueling and timing maps will be stock. If this is a concern for you...keep reading!

FZ-09 / MT-09 / XSR900 / FJ-09 FT ECU Flashing Kit | StoltecMoto

Active Tuning Kits

This is a really sweet piece of technology. In the past, the best dyno tuners would spend DAYS perfecting fuel tables. If you're reading this, you're aware that there's a lot more to the story than wide open throttle (WOT) runs that are only useful for making pretty dyno charts. Partial throttle openings and varying loads define how nearly every bike is actually used. Think about it: How often are you really at WOT? If you're honest, not very often...

With that said, this kit is like having an expert dyno tuner inside your ECU all the time. The system replaces one of the bike's OE narrowband O2 sensors with a wideband sensor to accurately monitor the air fuel ratio (AFR) in real-time and adjusts fueling accordingly. Regardless of your intake/exhaust configuration, this kit is smart (and fast) enough to do the dirty work. Plus, unlike the Power Commander Auto-Tune, this kit also adjusts the load-based fuel mapping. It provides the option to tune continuously or to datalog to easily make changes to the base map (manually). Think of the former as fine correction and that latter as coarse correction - good for getting the base map 'close' so that the system needs to make smaller changes for smoother operation in continuous mode.

If you're after smoothness and you like to do your own button pressing, this kit will take all the guess work out. Same deal as above - all customers will receive our baseline throttle and decel tables to help get you started. You'll need one of the Flashing Kits for this feature.

FZ-09/MT-09/FJ-09/XSR900 FT-ECU Active Tuning Kit | StoltecMoto

Quick Shifter

If you don't have the factory QS, this will perform the same function.

FZ-09 / MT-09 / XSR900 / FJ-09 Quickshifter Kit | StoltecMoto

We'll be adding these kits to inventory during the next few weeks. Now through 12/1/17, contact us for forum-special pricing.

NOTE: If you're not the type to fiddle around and DIY, these kits are not for you. They have the potential to unleash a lot of capability, but can also damage your engine if used inappropriately. In that case, we highly recommend contact Nels and crew at 2 Wheel Dyno Works. Their team does some really excellent tuning and their customer service is exemplary. Tell them Stoltec Moto sent you!
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