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Finally, for all those who have been asking! Patience is a virtue and you've been waiting for a while. You deserve a reward...

If you're looking to upgrade the forks on your 2014-2016 FZ-09, 2015+ FJ-09, or 2016+ XSR900, look no further. We took our popular 20 mm Fork Piston Kit and pre-built a stock cartridge so that you don't need to worry about tearing into your own, finding a trusted local shop to do your dirty work, or enduring excessive downtime. If you can follow the factory service manual to remove the factory cartridge, this is a job you can handle!

Kit includes:

  • Pre-valved stock cartridge - drop-in ready
  • Fork oil
  • Cartridge bolt crush washer
  • Stoltec Moto fork leg decals
  • Drop-in fork springs (optional)
For more details, see here: 14-16 FZ-09 / 15+ FJ-09 / 16+ XSR900 Drop-In Cartridge Kit | Stoltec Moto

If you don't have the necessary tools to complete the job, we have some optional tool rentals which will take care of all the non-standard tools:

Standard Fork Tool Kit

Details here: DIY KYB Fork Tool Rental | Stoltec Moto

Fork Seal Driver (not required for cartridge installation - only if you're swapping seals).

Details here: Fork Seal Driver Rental | Stoltec Moto

Contact us with any questions at [email protected]
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