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Oooowee...had it been a long time. Not since late last November. It was just too unpleasant during those dark months for this Georgia Boy.
Hooked up for the Spring Rally of The Floribama Riders in Suches, Georgia last Thursday and Friday. A couple of
good friends just picked up FJ's and were over the moon. I know everybody loves their home roads. But, I've been
around and there just aren't many like GA60 from Stone Pile Gap north for 25 miles to Skeenah Creek. It's the perfect
out and back before breakfast and after dinner. The rest of the time it is the path to Tellico Plains and the Cherohala Skyway.

I honestly thought after one year I had more miles on the FZ, but when I got home, I had exactly 2000 miles after 325 miles over a couple of days last week. But 98% of those 2000 miles were pure mountain sleigh ride. I always trailer the 63 motorway miles to Suches.

I was pleasantly surprised with the looks and ergo's of the FJ. One of the crew hadn't ridden in five years after building and riding the hell out of two very trick SV's. One a 650, with the other being The Full G. He sold a nice TLR after letting it sit for years. He had a ball on his brand new J. The other J-bud, has had all sorts of equipment in his long past. He was smiling too, maybe not so much after I dragged them down four miles of gravel Forest Service road for a lunch stop by the river. I just cranked up the GPR4 damper and plowed ahead. I didn't even consider the damage I subjected them to. Hopefully when they got home, the sumps and radiators weren't leaking. My bad. I remembered that dirt track as being more friendly. Some narrow, downhill switchbacks with the potential for sketchy oncoming vehicle avoidance maneuvers in those blind bits, lot's of elevation changes, washboard and a scattering of water-filled pot holes with undetermined depth. The tightened up Stoltec Suspension was a tad jumpy off-pavement. :)))

After typing that last bit, I went outside with a mirror and checked my sump. Not even a small pimple. Thanks Nick!

My other buds were on an FJR and get this...a Yamaha Stratoliner. That Stratoliner was hauling the mail. He's a long time
sportbike rider that was sore after the first day of wrestling that barge at elevated pace. He snapped back nicely and never
held us up. I ran for miles and miles in third gear. Going to fourth if I cared to. Stayed in B mode a lot, going to Standard occasionally and A only a few times, for the thrill. Honestly B and Standard works for everything if you're trying not to attract attention from running in the upper register. To me, this bike pulls so well that I don't feel the need to change gears when rolling between 35 and 65 with smooth being the goal.

All in all, a great couple of days of riding in spurts, staying up way too late and coming home happy and tired.

Lord...I love my motorbike.

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very nice. I rode some of those a few weeks ago and I once again realized why I enjoy the 09 so much. The motor was singing the sweet triple song along with plenty of torque. I am already wanting to take the 09 back to the area again.
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