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NOW (Monday April 4th 2022) advertised AS BELOW on the BIKESALES website with many pix, extra inclusions, and asking price slightly lower View attachment 170048

Here’s a steal! This classic and immaculate Yamaha MT-09 SP with build-date of October 2020 was bought by me in November 2021. It was dealer-serviced on January 10th. 2022 and since then has covered only an additional 333km, thanks to covid restrictions, border closures, and terrible weather events. Current mileage is a mere 1607km.

Why sell? I’m nudging 83, and having some health issues I feel the time has come to hang up my helmet. An expensive loss, but your gain!

How do you afford to keep doing this? You just sold a bike with almost no miles. In April it was time to hang up your helmet and now in June your like a 12 year old on Christmas eve. The year before you had failing eyesight and vertigo. This is quite an interesting saga. This is like the 4th or 5th time you've done this. In less then 3 months you've sold a bike only to buy the exact same bike. I'm beyond curious now. How do you go from 1 extreme to another. You keep posting so I think it's fair to ask. I'm also wondering that as you've done this multiple times, why not just leave the bike sitting in the back of the garage in the event that you change your mind.
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