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Thanks guys!

Well, I am about to turn 38 and was on two wheels pretty much by the time I could walk. Ha!

I grew up on a farm and rode strictly dirt up until college. My Dad raced motocross in the 60's - 70's, so he made some tracks for me on our farm. When I got to Auburn I had a 2004 gsxr 600 and a 2004 cbr 600rr. I of course got addicted to twisty roads and felt I got too fast/unsafe on the streets. I wanted to do track days a Barber Motorsports Park, but I had other priorities take place.

Bought a couple of Harley's and rode to Bike Week down in Daytona to watch the races every year. Then got back to dirt to ride with my son and bought a Yamaha WR250r. Loved this bike!

The FZ09 is one of those do it all bikes for me. I can do track days, commute, and throw on some bags to take trip.

I not far from the Smoky Mountains and The the Tail of The Dragon at Deals Gap.
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