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Thanks to forum member AJ for the suggestion and to NickJ for making it happen so quickly. :cool:

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That's pretty cool. Here we go... my 09 FZ6R. As you might expect from me... heavily modded!

Marthy Danmoto exhaust
PCV with block off plates
PLX MAP sensor
FZ6 cams
+4 deg. timing advance
Airbox mod with aluminum tapper stacks

Custom rack with Givi E21 and Ebay $40.00 top case
Rigid Aux lights
Custom seat
Renthal 787 bar with Heavy bar ends
Puig Touring screen (Marhty 22" touring screen on the pic... that was my big trip special)

I got it detune a bit for my wife to learn. DBK is in and airbox is back to stock. Doesn't have the nice snappier acceleration anymore but still a fine ride. 43K miles since I bough it in June 2010. I did a couple of weekend ride with my wife before she got hammered with school project, home works and exams. Looking forward to do more weekend get away riding soon... with 2 bikes this time. Highlight of my 6R ownership... my 4K week trip to Laconia, NH (Bike week) from West Palm Beach, FL. Rode up there to meet with friends and family from Montreal. I had a great time. Miss my IBA SS1000 on the way there because of DC traffic and I meet with a friend for dinner. So I was determine to drop the hammer and do it on the way back. I left Laconia at 7:00am on Sunday morning and stop only for gas/pisser break. I reach 1000 miles sometime around 11:00pm somewhere in the Carolina's... then I had a the most stupid idea go through my head, I have enough time for 1500 miles! And I did!!!

Final count, 1550 miles in 23:36 hrs. That was hard, especially the last 3 hrs or so. I submitted my ride and got it approved, IBA Bun Burner 1500!
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