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just chatting to Ben from Extreme creations, prompted by one of our new members.
He is now doing flashes, and at a good price, $275 aus. Subsequent flashes are cheaper, becasue the $275 includes the licensing fee to remove the speed limiter. But ask him to confirm. i don't work there or anything.
And he's just done Dave Mckennas stunt bike (about an hour ago) with a dynojet shift linkage and quickshifter, like vcycle can do in the states.
I've never had Ben flash a bike of mine before, but have been getting work done by him for 15 years. And he makes an off the shelf turbo kit for us - he knows his stuff.
So Aussies and Kiwis have a new option for flashes, that is half the price of some of the other Aussie options.
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