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So got my ‘21 MT09 on Monday at 8:00pm in dubai. Stuck on DM 3. Have only been going up to 5k/5.5k rpm. First 10Km was being careful and I like the bike but defo needs an exhaust. Have done about 200km now and I am liking the bike more and more with each km I put on her.

the seat is fine but I have noticed that the rear suspension is a bit stressful on the back on bumps. It’s a good thing that the roads here are pretty immaculate in the Emirates.
I’m not an expert, but I’d like to see how I can adjust the suspension or if it is in fact the seat.

will order a TST tail tidy soon and want the Austin Racing Ti full exhaust system when they release it (they say Q1 2022).

very very easy to ride in low revs. Quick shifter is excellent. I miss the pops and crackles from my Akra on the Shiver 900 I used to have, so am really really looking forward to an exhaust system

I’m already taking corners with more confidence and more speed than I was on the monster 1200s, shiver 900, and xDiavel S

very happy with the purchase

forgive me for doubting the bike in the first 10km/20km. I’m a very happy customer. Should cover the first 1,000km in about 10 days give it take and then I will be gradually opening her up to the full Rev range after the 1,000km oil/filter change
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