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New 2018 MT09 owner - Bike in cold outside for 2 weeks now - won't start

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Hey y'all. Purchased this bike a few months ago and the battery has been pretty flawless to date. Well here in Austin TX it has gotten down to the 40s/30s at night and it's been raining quite a bit over the past month so I threw the bike cover on her and left her in the backyard. Planned to take her for a ride and heat everything up today and the pump seems to prime, the battery attempted to start for a bit...but no dice. I tried several times and no start. Towards the end it just makes a rapid clicking noise. I put jumper cables on and tried to jump it from my car (didn't turn the car on) and still no dice. I currently have it on a 1.5Amp trickle charger and plan to try again in 12hrs (tomorrow morning). Is there anything else BESIDES a bad battery that this could be? I mean I know these bikes have weird starting issues e.g. in the morning on a cold start she usually blasts right up on the first try but when heated it almost always takes 2 trys. First bike I've ever owned that did this and I've had quite a few. (2001 CBR F4i / 2008 CBR 600 RR / 2009 R6 to name a few)

And man, I hate this push down button! Just feels cheap. Why didn't Yamaha use just a good ole push button? Maybe it's a naked bike/non-sport bike thing?

Any feedback is much appreciated!


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Rapid clicking you are hearing is the starter solenoid contacts fluttering. Barring internal corrosion, they only flutter like that when the battery is weak. There's just not enough power to keep the solenoid engaged so it flutters.
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