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New 2018 MT09 owner - Bike in cold outside for 2 weeks now - won't start

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Hey y'all. Purchased this bike a few months ago and the battery has been pretty flawless to date. Well here in Austin TX it has gotten down to the 40s/30s at night and it's been raining quite a bit over the past month so I threw the bike cover on her and left her in the backyard. Planned to take her for a ride and heat everything up today and the pump seems to prime, the battery attempted to start for a bit...but no dice. I tried several times and no start. Towards the end it just makes a rapid clicking noise. I put jumper cables on and tried to jump it from my car (didn't turn the car on) and still no dice. I currently have it on a 1.5Amp trickle charger and plan to try again in 12hrs (tomorrow morning). Is there anything else BESIDES a bad battery that this could be? I mean I know these bikes have weird starting issues e.g. in the morning on a cold start she usually blasts right up on the first try but when heated it almost always takes 2 trys. First bike I've ever owned that did this and I've had quite a few. (2001 CBR F4i / 2008 CBR 600 RR / 2009 R6 to name a few)

And man, I hate this push down button! Just feels cheap. Why didn't Yamaha use just a good ole push button? Maybe it's a naked bike/non-sport bike thing?

Any feedback is much appreciated!


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Which makes me think the issue is in the starter switch or solenoid............................
For sure a flat battery. These bikes need a well-kept battery.
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