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Alright guys, due to my recent massive lapse in good judgement(supreme derp moment), the liquid graphite needs some repairin'.

I can get a right foot peg brand new for 12-15 bucks so that is not a big problem but I do need a new or used rear brake pedal.
If someone may have upgraded their rear-sets and are willing to part with the right side or maybe both for not too much please contact me.


I need a gas tank. The one on the bike is not punctured but it has an extremely sharp dent and I don't see it being pulled out without leaving remnants. I have found a red one used on ebay for 175 but it has chips and dents. Even though I would love a red tank, if I pay to fix it I might as well pay to paint mine.


I am trying to contact Akropovic to see what they can do about a destroyed carbon can, although I expect them to destroy my feelings with the price.

As soon as funds become available I plan to get another X-blaster, was an amazing tail light. The motodynamic one is cheaper but I like the fact that the x-blaster has the resisters built in.

Last but not least I am looking for a new or used gauge cluster bracket. If someone has installed one of the new aftermarket ones and has the original lying around please let me know what you want for it. At one point I wanted one of the new more centralized brackets but I have grown accustomed to the offset stock placement.


Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to contact me, need to get this baby rollin again.
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