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Hello all! New to the FZ09 Forum. I have had my eye on this bike since six months ago. I almost bought a pre-owned locally, but I called my local dealer and they had one in stock. I purchased a brand new Liquid Graphite last Monday for my wife.

Typical Yamaha, Awesome Fit and Finish! Beautiful colors! Felt nice sitting on it on the showroom!

I have read others complaints and accolades about this bike and wanted to offer my opinions as well.

After riding this bike, here are my impressions, likes/dislikes. (I'm 6'-0" 165lbs)
Motor is smooth and powerful, mirrors are stable, ergonomics are amazing. Not much in the way of buzz in the bars. Brakes work well for the street, suspension, albeit soft, is also great for the street and canyons.

I do have to say that I dislike the OEM seat but this is an easy fix with a quick trip to the upholsterer. The turn signal switch is in a very awkward spot, the gear shift and rear brake lever needed some immediate adjustments as I had to take my foot off the peg(s) to apply any sort of pressure. After the adjustments, it was totally fine. The clock is somewhat small and cluttered.

I'm averaging 48.8mpg at the moment.

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