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To begin, no one wrong or right on this subject. I'm posting this as an observation that I've made. It may be worthy of consideration by members that are less inclined to spend the national deficit in pursuit of transforming their FZs into their vision of two-wheeled Nirvana. So before you succumb to the farkle frenzy, peruse this humble submission. I bought this bike cognizant that there'd be some concessions and modifications that I'd have to perform. This is a price point bike, no denying that. I'm not going to show pictures; you can find them on this site if you look around. Here's what I've done, in order of importance, and my opinions of each.
1. Heavier Fork Springs and Oil: .90 springs and 10wt oil I'm about 195lbs, significant improvement. Thanks Nick
2. ZX10 rear shock: Transformed the rear Thanks Marty
3. Braided Brake Lines: not terribly noticeable, but I always install them. I'll change out pads when they're needed, see also I'm cheap! Thanks again , Nick
4. Re-Flash of ECU: power delivery has really been smoothed out, also lessened drive line lash feel. Also removed slack out of throttle cable. Thanks, Nick
5. Yamaha Rear Rack: a tail bag on passenger portion gets too cramped.
6. 50L Coo Case: cheap and does the job. I ride (commute) about 100 miles a day. The box is on for work, not for casual riding. Thanks, Twisted Throttle
7. Shorty Levers: I like their position better. No name/ Ebay
8. 33cm Ermax Windscreen: ordered, but am still waiting for it. I made one from a 30 year old windshield I had laying around (earlier post) when I first bought the bike.
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