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Some history about the author so you can get a feel for the review and discount what doesn't apply for you, which may very well be all of it. I am 54 and have been riding motorcycles since I was 7. I am a 3rd generation biker and my kids ride as well. I am 5' 7" in the morning and 183 with a short 30" inseam.
I have been riding dirt bikes most of my life and had and rode in the respective years the following street bikes: 1976 Honda 400F, 1982 Honda VF500, 2000 Harley 1200 sportster. Never did a track day nor do I intend to. I ride my DR650 on the street about 80% of it's life and sand/dirt roads the rest.

So I am an average nobody with no special skills in any form but love motorcycling of all kinds.

With that, my FZ-09 which I did research here before purchasing, got a flash done from Nick, thank you Nick, a ZX-10 rear shock and I cranked up the preload in the front. Also I added some foam to the front of the seat to keep me from sliding into the tank (needs a little more). So all in all my bike is pretty much stock with $125 tune and $50 suspension upgrade.
I have only about 150 miles on it due to the weather here in the NE and work gets in the way. so much for me so now here is my opinion: This bike rocks!!!
By far the fastest most powerful bike I have ever been on and it scares the shit out of me in A mode when I abuse it. Oh my god, I think I will be in B mode for the next year until I get used to the power. Handling is fine for me, as I have never had a professional street tuned suspension and all the dirt riding gets me used to whatever so the added ZX 10 shock is just great. The front still dives a bit but not nearly what my DR650 does and, I think some 10 wt oil will fix it good enough for me.
In a nut shell, I couldn't be happier with the FZ09, it's perfect FOR ME!:
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